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VIP Dare Membership

Coming Soon!

VIP Access is awarded to you by the CDB (Central Dare Bank), and is a status that goes along with obtaining a virtual Platinum Dare Card. By attaining this membership level, you will have unlimited access to all features of the site, without any restrictions – you can post unlimited dares and proofs, but you can also view as many proof completions as you would like – You will no longer lose Dare Coins when viewing dare proof pages. Although the CDB still deducts a small daily Dare Tax, you will always retain access to all site features. In the near future, live dares will also be implemented, where you will also have unlimited access to webcam broadcasts. While other users will lose dare coins on a minute-by-minute basis, you will not.

In terms of dare proofs, you will have access to view and comment on all dare proofs, with access to all videos and images posted. Once your VIP membership expires, you will once again start to pay 50 Dare Cents to access each Dare Proof page.

Click here to apply for a virtual Platinum Dare Card, get unlimited access and VIP Status