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Before using Dare Him, you should read through the following info to get a clear understanding of how the site works, and how you can access the different features of the site. When you become a registered member, you automatically start with a base satchel of 100 Dare Coins. This base number allows you to access almost everything on the site; you can:

  • Post Dares
  • Respond to / Comment on Dares
  • Complete and Submit Dare Proofs
  • Create Groups
  • Start Discussions in Created Groups
  • Upload Media to Groups
  • Upload Media to Your Profile
  • Make Friend Connections
  • Message and Chat with Other Users

Although you can access these features as a newly registered member, this is to provide incentive to participate. Each day, your dare coins will slightly decrease, as the Central Dare Bank will take away 2 Dare Coins per day. Furthermore, accessing ‘Dare Proof’ pages will cost 50 Dare Cents (0.5 Dare Coins). Therefore, to keep you Dare Coin balance up, and to continue full access to all pages, make sure to participate and build up your dare coin balance! You can view your total dare coins at any time by watching your dare coin wallet – always appearing on the left side of the screen. You can also view your balance, transfer coins to others and more by accessing the Central Dare Bank (from the upper right hand corner of the screen).

Here is an overview of the how many coins are rewarded or taken away for completing various actions on the site:

  • One of your Posted Dares is Voted Up – +30 Dare Coins
  • One of your Posted Dares is Voted Down – -15 Dare Coins
  • A Dare Proof You’ve Submitted is Voted Up – +40 Dare Coins
  • A Dare Proof You’ve Submitted is Voted Down – -15 Dare Coins
  • You Accept a Dare Proof that has been submitted to your posted dare: +25 Dare Coins
  • You vote down a Dare Proof – -1 Dare Coin
  • You unvote a Dare Proof – -2 Dare Coins
  • You cancel an upvote on a Dare Proof – -1 Dare Coin
  • Your Dare Proof Gets Accepted by the Dare Poster – +400 Dare Coins

Other Site Actions to Gain More Dare Coins:

  • Creating a New Group – +55 Dare Coins
  • Deleting a Group – -50 Dare Coins
  • Uploading a Main Photo for Your Group – +15 Dare Coins
  • Joining a Group – +10 Dare Coins
  • Leaving a Group – -10 Dare Coins
  • Posting an update to your profile or on a group – +5 Dare Coins
  • Leaving a comment or reply in a group or on someone’s activity – +5 Dare Coins
  • Comment Deletion – -5 Dare Coins
  • Making a New Friend – +15 Dare Coins
  • Cancelling a Friend – -5 Dare Coins
  • Posting a New Forum Topic in a Group – +15 Dare Coins
  • Making a post to a topic in a group – +10 Dare Coins
  • Uploading a Main Photo to your Profile – +15 Dare Coins
  • Sending a Message – +1 Dare Coin
  • Creating a new Gallery (in Groups or on your Profile) – +15 Dare Coins
  • Deleting a Gallery – -15 Dare Coins

As you can see, you can rack up the highest number of points by having your dare proofs accepted – this will build up your points very quickly! It is important to note that any dares made or completed must abide by our Terms and must never contain violence, outwardly offensive material, visual bestiality, child pornography or other defamatory material. Dares and Dare Proofs must be approved to keep the community fun and safe! All users must be over 18 to post or view adult material, and again, each and every dare completion/proof is reviewed before going live.

When submitting your Dare Proof, make sure that it is in line with the dare you committed to, in compliance with our terms and includes relevant photos and/or embed videos of your completion. After submitted, it will quickly be reviewed for content compliance and posted on the site!